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About Us

Our Vision
To Create a leading Investment Company, by pursuing consistent and sustainable growth, create value and make a difference. To inspire the moments of optimism and happiness, to deliver the results and provide value to our customers
Our Mission
To Thrive as a Successful & Reputed Business group over the next 10 years and beyond by thinking ahead, analyzing, understanding the trends and forces that will shape the entire world, particularly our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come.
Who we are ?

About VENSAT ..

VENSAT is a growing multinational company involved in offering a full range of Services & Investments in the field of Oil & Natural Gas, Agriculture, Retail Trade, Commercial Enterprises, Hospitality & Tourism and other Industrial developments.

VENSAT is a Customer-centric leading Construction, Infrastructure, Project development & Investment Company involved in project management & Investment services with a promising Portfolio. We follow a system that minimizes the risks for the Project owners and customers

We specialize in delivering Creative and Innovative Solutions for a wide range of Corporates, Commercial, Hospitality and Services sector clients. Through our quality services, creating a positive experience, we aim to achieve a productive environment that exceeds our client’s expectations and business objectives. Our professional approach and passion towards work and creativity gives us the skills to meet your needs

Our Team

About VENSAT Partners

Mr. Venugopal

Mr. Venugopal R, Founder & Managing Director of Vasupradaa Infra & Constro Pvt Ltd. He was born on 25th of September 1967 in Tumkur, Karnataka, India. He successfully graduated from the prestigious University of Mysore in 1987. Started his journey as Executive Civil Engineer since he was an ambitious person, Venugopal was always several steps ahead in his profession. He was also an active member in Real estate & land development. He has several awards under this belt for outstanding achievements from the Government of Karnataka. Around having an overall experience of 20 years in this field which boosted him up to start his own successful company in 2010, which never looked back. Venugopal is a visionary Entrepreneur, as India is developing on a tremendous speed and scale he saw a huge scope for growth in the field of Infrastructure development and grabbed the opportunity and moved swiftly.

Mr. Sathish Rai

Mr. Sathish Rai K, Co-founder & Managing Director of Vasupradaa Infra & Constro Pvt Ltd. He was born on 27th of December 1978 in Puttur, Karnataka, India. He completed his post-graduation from the prestigious University of Mangalore in 1999. Started his career in one of his own ventures S K Minerals. co, an Import & Export of Iron core & Coal based company. He is having a wonderful journey and he has achieved great success through his professional approach and management skills. Being one of the successful entrepreneur in the trading field. Being one of the most successful Businessmen in the trading field at a young age, Sathish Rai wanted to establish his business towards land development & banking. In this initial part of his journey, he started Vasupradaa along with his friend Venugopal who was establishing in the field of Infrastructure Development. This was the start towards a Milestone. Sathish Rai is the leading head in the Real estate, land development & banking sector of the company.

Our Value

A Global community designed, powered and owned by our partners,transforming the real estate experience.

Diversity and Inclusion
Diverse and inclusive workforce include a better company image and improved transparency as well as benefitting talent attraction and retention.
Vensat works with innovations that range from digital platforms to the latest updates in architecture, construction materials, and environmental adaptation.
Commit to continuous improvement in the environmental performance of construction and development activities, our real estate operations and our asset management policies.
Vensat infrastructure inspires economic development as a result of cultural enrichment and participating and partnering with charities that are important to our employees.

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